Friday, July 14, 2006

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing, Reality TV and the Real Estate Market

There is a ballroom dance that is reminiscent of the Real Estate market we are experiencing today.

Initially, the female dancer pretends not to be interested in her male partner’s advances as he tries to woo her with his style and grace. Instead, she feigns disinterest, but as soon as his interest begins to wane, she is right there to encourage him on and they proceed to engage, together, in a rhythmic and beautifully sensuous dance we’ve come to know as the “Tango”.

This dance reminds me of what’s going on in the OC housing market!

Buyers and Sellers right now are engaged in the early part of the “Tango”. Buyers pretending that they want the home of their dreams, but not really. Sellers, pretending that they aren’t really interested in unloading the home they have become detached from, are anxious to move on, for whatever reason. On the sidelines, are the pundits and media telling everyone how bad everything is.

This Real Estate “Tango” reminds me of this new reality TV show called, “So You Think You Can Dance”. This is where the Buyers and Sellers (the contestants) dance their hearts out and the Judges (the pundits and the media) sit on their collective butts and tell how they think the dancers should dance! These so-called “experts” (the pundits and the media) make their comments with little or no regard for the contestant’s feelings or future.

The future of these poor dancers may be tied to the often flippant rude remarks of these judges who, by the way, can’t now or maybe never were capable of dancing as well themselves!

And by the way, don’t we have enough pompous, arrogant, self-centered Americans right here at home; do we really have to import Brits to play this role on every reality TV show?? Next thing you know, there’ll be a British columnist telling us how bad the OC Real Estate market will get!

I believe there are two real social blights in society, they are carry-on luggage and reality TV, neither of which are really “carry-on” or “reality”. Neither of these blights have enhanced our lives or given them more meaning. Instead, they only have had the effect of furthering self-centered, selfish, egotistical, impatient and unrealistic behavior where we only care about ourselves without regard for the feelings and well being of others.

I feel the same about all these so-called Real Estate market “experts” and I blame the media for covering all their Chicken Little-isms. Now, if that sounds like a rant ala Dennis Miller it was, I guess, forgive me, but this is wearing on my last nerve.

But, instead of listening to the Judges (the pundits and the Media), Buyers and Sellers should just dance the “Tango”. Get on with it! You either love this house and want to make it your home or you don’t. You either want to unload this house and move on to the home of your dreams and get on with your life or you don’t. If the price is right in your mind and comparable with what other homes are actually selling for then buy it. By all means, try to get the best price you can, but don’t try to step on your partner’s (the Sellers) toes or they may just stop dancing with you all together.

Sellers, don’t ignore a serious dancer (Buyer) who’s willing to put up money and sign their name on the dotted line. Don’t feign disinterest - they just may move on to another dance partner (Seller and house) because right now there are a lot of dancers on the dance floor alone (a lot of homes for sale). You may find yourself with a less competent partner (a lower priced offer) and maybe not dancing at all.

So, here’s to all the beauty and grace of a great “Tango” and to Buyers and Sellers who can reach a win-win agreement where no one takes advantage of anyone else and no one’s toes get stepped on.


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